Tree Planting in Walsden

Mist in the air, with gorgeous yellows, greens and rust red grass colours – how I love autumn…letting go of that which we no longer need, making space to connect with the dark earth, the mystery that feeds us all; from where we came and return to. Celebrating this dance with the planting of trees, leaving a legacy with no human name just a helping hand that cared enough to let it be so.

Kicked off this season’s tree planting with a weekend in Walsden. Blue skies, glorious sunshine, T-shirt weather and all those gorgeous autumn colours coming through – was wonderful.
View from planting site at Warland Farm in Walsden.This particular site was chosen as one of many strategic sites to plant trees creating a catchment area where trees can help retain water and thus stop soil erosion. Especially, important considering the horrendous flashfloods in Hebden Bridge earlier this year.

Tug test = making sure the baby tree roots are securely and firmly bedded into mother earth to grow big and strong.

Once the baby tree is in the ground its overlaid with newspaper, a plastic tube to stop rabbits eating it and a hessian sack to stop weeds – amazingly dressed for winter.

Winston’s excellent supervision ensured all trees were happily planted.
A prince in disguise? On this occasion no princess was lured…
Woodcraft folk kindly let us stay in their wonderful eco barn for the weekend.

Stunning views from the barn where we stayed.


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