Peace & Good will to all life. Wishing you all healthy, happy & fruitful transitions into 2017 & beyond.

Sanskrit prayer for peace.jpg


The sea. A constantly changing companion.

Standing in solidarity.
We are water – we are all one.
Honouring & Protecting sacred water – our common ancestral interconnectedness around the world.

I feel incredibly nourished & lucky living by the sea. Listening to her song, watching her movements & the spectacular play between water & light.

Liquid gold.
Dusk & local fishermen hauling in their boats using a tractor next to Port Logan Lighthouse Tower and Pier.
Low tide. Mericurial silvery movement.
Expansive fine spun clouds up above.
Honouring the most life sustaining gift on earth – water – our common interconnectedness.

A White Page~Ode to Mallarmé

Start afresh
A White page
Pointing to a moon full of mystery
no beginning
no end

Awake with a beginners mind
To rejoin silence & nothingness
Freedom available moment to moment

Realizing the art of listening to ones own inner joy and delight

creating those few, truly necessary things.


a white page