The sea. A constantly changing companion.

Standing in solidarity.
We are water – we are all one.
Honouring & Protecting sacred water – our common ancestral interconnectedness around the world.

I feel incredibly nourished & lucky living by the sea. Listening to her song, watching her movements & the spectacular play between water & light.

Liquid gold.
Dusk & local fishermen hauling in their boats using a tractor next to Port Logan Lighthouse Tower and Pier.
Low tide. Mericurial silvery movement.
Expansive fine spun clouds up above.
Honouring the most life sustaining gift on earth – water – our common interconnectedness.

Up close & personal with Griselinia littoralis hedge trimming.

I love the fresh distinctive green of salt-tolerant Griselinia littoralis & was up close & personal with it today hedge trimming.IMG_0420.JPG

My hedge trimmer tool a Stihl HS 82 T with 2-mix engine technology ( petrol & oil all goes in one compartment).


Got the job done in no time – happy days!