Looking Fabulous right now: Rhododendron russatum

Gorgeous intense blue-purple flowers with pale centres borne in dense clusters & aromatic dark green evergreen leaves. A lovely small rhododendron shrub that would make a great focal point designed into a border, bed or standalone container.



Looking fabulous right now: Ugni molinae aka Chilean guava.

I was introduced to these fine berries this week & have not stopped munching on them – they are simply delicious! The plant makes a perfect small winter shrub with densely leafy evergreen foliage, clouds of strawberry fragrance as you pass it by & edible cranberry sized berries when left to ripen till late autumn/early winter taste like guava fruit. A real unexpected treat! The berries can be eaten raw or made into preserves & even Chilean guava muffins.

Up close & personal with Griselinia littoralis hedge trimming.

I love the fresh distinctive green of salt-tolerant Griselinia littoralis & was up close & personal with it today hedge trimming.IMG_0420.JPG

My hedge trimmer tool a Stihl HS 82 T with 2-mix engine technology ( petrol & oil all goes in one compartment).


Got the job done in no time – happy days!