Rose Syrup Soda (Gulab ka Sherbat)

One of the food memories this drink evokes for me is the  classic Raj Kapoor film Sangam, where Radha (played by the stunning Vyjayanthimala) watches her mother prepare a pitcher of Gulab ka sherbat or rose syrup drink. Her face directly in front of the pitcher is infused with rose colour; a full-blooded lady in bloom courted by 2 suitors. Perhaps it was traditionally served taping into the aphrodisiac properties of roses;  their colour, fragrance, and sensuality expressing passion, love, poetry…being with the beloved forever no matter whether the path brings soft petals or thorns.

Rose Syrup soda (Gulab ka sherbat)

serves 2

• 6 tablespoons of rose syrup – I like an intense rose flavour hit so adjust to your taste as desired
• 1 lime
• 1 bottle sparkling mineral water, chilled
• Rose or any other edible petals to decorate

1. Add 3 tablespoons of rose syrup to each glass
2. Squeeze some lime juice or add a slice
3. Add ice
4. Top off with some sparkling water